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Rule #51. My 'duh' moment.

I'm a fan of NCIS and especially Gibb's rules. In one episode, it became apparent that Gibbs had made a mistake and eventually created a new rule. Rule #51 simply said, "Sometimes you're wrong."

The other day, I had the tires rotated on my truck and the technician left me know the 'Right' upper ball joint was bad and needed replaced. I said that I would have my mechanic care for it. Their estimate for repairs was about $380. My mechanic (me) would do it for about $70.

Well, I got online to the local parts store and quickly ordered the exact fit for my 2003 Ford F150 pick-up. Sweet! Paid online and picked up in the store is really convenient. I stopped in, picked up my part and came home to do the work.

With truck lifted, right front tire removed, I held the new part up to the bad ball joint and stopped abruptly. Something wasn't right. My new piece was about three inches wider than the one on my truck. My initial thought was, "the guy at the store pulled the wrong part."

I came upstairs, jumped online, and rechecked the part number....hmmm, I guess I messed up.

In review, I ordered a ball joint and control arm for a rear wheel drive pick-up. My truck is a four-wheel drive vehicle. Yes, there is a difference!

Humility is often difficult to grasp but in some situations is our only recourse. I am learning the fine art of saying, "I was wrong."

How about you? Do you immediately assume the other person is wrong? Is the first impulse you exercise the one that gets you all up in arms? In my case, I needed to calm my spirit and recheck the facts. I needed to admit, I had made a mistake. I also needed to say the very same to the counter person as I went to get the correct part. I went ahead and removed the old part and took it with me to assure I would order the correct part the second time. He was as gracious as could be and simply said, "I do whatever it takes to get you the correct part. Just don't make me climb a ladder."

We laughed and each of us went our separate ways all the better for it. The world needs Rule #51.

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