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80 years old, no problem!

No matter your age, there is always something to do. There is always a new goal to set, a new dream to realize, and a new friendship to make. Just yesterday, we traveled to Paxtonville and participated in a Blueberry festival. We ran a 5K, had a delicious breakfast and met some strangers who became fast friends. Joe (not his real name) sat across from me and started a conversation with us. He talked about the heat, the food, and the fact that he does pretty good for his age. I boldly asked, "If you don't mind, how old are you Joe?" He looked at me and asked, "How old do you think I am?" I told him I figured he was around 70-ish and he smiled and said, "more like 80-ish!"

Joe will be 81 on his next birthday and still works everyday at the potato chip factory in Middleburg! He takes great pride in his work and honestly, the guy looks to be in better shape than a lot of the population half his age. He laughed with his friends and we continued our discussion. No matter your age, there is a great deal of respect we owe to those older than us. It is our duty to recognize and appreciate them. Those older than us by chronological age have seen more, learned more, and done more than us. Those facts alone mean we need to stop, listen, and learn from them.

Just yesterday, I celebrated birthday number 56 and it may have been the best day ever. Spending time with my family (at least most of them) and enjoying their presence was priceless. Meeting Joe at breakfast and Jim out on the running course was just icing on the cake. Sharing life together forces us all to start conversations, it pushes us to learn things about each other, and it blesses everyone in the end. Ultimately, God is glorified and blessed when we value people more than things. God is glorified and blessed when we value humility and compassion over pride and self-serving.

How are you blessing God with your life?

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