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Froze up! Out of Adjustment.

If you ever want to buy me gifts for birthdays or at Christmas, the list is short. PB Blaster and WD40 are easily procured and wrapping is not necessary. Pretty sure I have a problem when these two items are my joy. (Photo supplied from:

As you might expect, this is another story about vehicles and wrenching. The call came yesterday as I walked across town to the garage. Mr. Hughes, the technician says your vehicle failed inspection because the E-brake is broken and one shoe lever is froze up and inoperable. It will be about $80 to correct it. Remember, yesterday was incredibly hot and humid and during this short phone call my bodily temp went up about 20 clicks.

I politely said I would care for the repairs and would stop in to get my vehicle. Just an aside here, my vehicle failed the inspection but I still had to pay the inspection fee.... I think I am in the wrong profession. Anyways, last night, I combed the internet looking for emergency brakes parts and cables specifically. I want to make it clear right here that I have owned this vehicle for 5+ years and have used the E-brake less than a dozen times. In fact, one of those times was just two days ago and the brake worked fine (ish).

After dinner last night I decided to go down to the garage and begin to diagnose my problem. Cables from the cab floorboard looks fine and the connecting cables back to the rear axle look fine. The right rear cable looks fine and the left rear cable looks.....wait, it is disconnected! Nothing appeared to be broken. That's a firm win in my book!

Enter PB Blaster and WD40. The first product cuts through rust and corrosion. It is a beast. I'm sure there are other products far better but I'm sold on this stuff. The second product lubricates and chases out moisture between metal parts. In about an hours time, I pulled both back wheels, disassembled the brake calipers, removed the rotors, sprayed and loosened the rusted parts and reconnected the left rear cable.

Generous amounts of WD40 on all the cables and a dozen or more compressions of the emergency brake pedal loosened everything well and with some minor adjusting, the brake held my vehicle in the middle of a steep hill with no problems. WIN!!

Here is the issue. Actually, it is my issue. I don't use the emergency brake per manufacturer's instruction (everytime I park, I should be using the brake). Over time the cables get corroded and internal pieces rust and become frozen (they don't work). Daily usage of this safety device would keep things moving and operable moreso than using them 10-12 times in five years.

Whether we are talking emergency brakes on vehicles or our spiritual inner workings, daily usage of them helps keep them operating more smoothly than using them sporadically.

This manual pleads to be used daily and often we ignore it. (This is the Wesley Study Bible; you should use one you like and feel comfortable reading.) Smartphone Bible apps are wonderful too!

When our life becomes filled with liabilities and the cost seems to high to afford, we can usually look back and see a general pattern of neglect and indifference to what God wants to be telling us. It isn't that difficult for me to suppress the emergency brake pedal every time I shift into park and isn't too hard to open the Word of God daily and immerse myself in love, grace, and holy instruction.

PS: Total cost to repair the E-brake came in at about $2 and an hour of my time.

Take ten minutes out of your day and spend it in God's word; you won't regret it.

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