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Wanna make a difference?

You have a prime opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of young people. If you have children, grandchildren, neighborhood children, or any other kind of children near you, then please share the following worship video with them.


[Video promotion of Salt'nLight ministries Impact festival 2015]

This coming Sunday evening here in Lewistown, we will gather at the Community Center in Rec Park at 6:30 PM to experience celebration worship geared toward youth and young adults. There is a dearth of youth and young adults in our faith community and Salt'n Light Ministry uses cutting edge worship, drama, liturgical dance and opportunities for witness and testimony to introduce Jesus Christ to these generations of young people.

Our mission in the United Methodist Church is to "Go and make disciples for Jesus Christ" but here, you have an opportunity to bring a fresh new look at worship to several generations who are lost to the church and communities of faith. Let them see Jesus and his love and grace through the energetic worship of Salt'nLight!

Make the difference that you wish would occur in our nation and the world. You can do that by sharing this worship presentation of the Gospel with kids near you. Let Jesus do the heavy lifting. Your job and mine is to allow them to see him.

Please share this opportunity with your friends and promote Jesus today.

Sunday August 14 at Community Center at Rec Park

Salt'nLight will provide worship to begin at 6:30 PM

Engaging worship that promotes Jesus Christ and encourages faith

Light refreshments to follow.


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