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Cake is good...icing is better!

Are you one who eats cupcakes without icing or do you like your cupcake with lots of the gooey stuff?

I personally will slice the top inch of a cupcake with the icing and set it aside to enjoy after I eat the bottom piece. I'm weird that way. For me, thick icing is always a treat and speaking of treats here are some more things to ponder. We are in the midst of a Week of Caring mission project in our town and amazing things are occurring. There have been too many 'aha' moments the last three days to say, "It is coincidence." For instance:

1. A gift of grace through mission to some folks going through tough times.

2. People from different churches working beside each other only to find they have deeper ties than they first thought.

3. A mission worker just happening to bump into an old acquaintance and now going to renew a friendship.

4. People who have received help from the mission team now considering a deeper walk with Christ.

5. Retired school teachers reunited with former students.

6. A sense of community growing between two Baptist churches, five Methodist churches, a Presbyterian church, a Roman Catholic church, a Lutheran church, an Independent church, and the local high school Key Club.

7. A retired veteran finding new purpose for their life.

8. Pastors of different denominations not just talking but working together on a week of mission.

9. Church members energized to work in God's Kingdom to provide a plethora of services that include, cooking, painting, cleaning, landscaping, and most importantly loving our neighbors in the borough.

All this to say the week is only just half complete and already God has shown up and shown off His power and glory in these places and more. Makes me a bit giddy to think what God will do in the next few days. I liken these 'God' moments to the Olympics when the home country enters a competition and wins the gold every time! There shouldn't be fear of defeat but expectation of victory. God has been raking in the gold this week. We, the volunteers, have been the useful implements that God has utilized to achieve the victory!

With each mission job that has completed (cupcake), the grace of God (icing) has been applied liberally. Well, I'm out the door to see where God leads today.

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