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Rembrandt? Pssh! We're better than that!

We are all works of art. Some of us may feel like Picasso's disconnected abstract pieces and some may think they are Rembrandts or Renoirs. In either case, we have been sketched, shaded, painted, and enhanced by the Chief Artist, God. Not feeling very valuable this morning? Check out the verse for today.

The Chief Artist shaped us inside and out. Yes that means our kidneys are just as beautiful as the curve of our face. Which also means we don't have to add blush to our cheeks or kidneys to make them any more attractive than they already are. Wow, that's a weird thought.

If God has drawn us and given us a unique identity, then why do we distrust the work of our Creator? If you are one who identifies with Picasso's abstract disconnected works, think again. You are better than that! Conversely, if you think you are a fine Rembrandt, then think again. You are infinitely better than that!

Stop, go back to reread Psalm 139. Peterson's paraphrase of this Psalm illustrates the breathtaking nature of God and this quality is born out in you and me. Now, go to the nearest mirror and take a look at you. God has made you to be breathtaking. Why add anything to this fine work of art? Doing so might mar the breathtaking work of art God has created you to be.

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