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Jesus at the car store.

Saw Jesus at a local car dealer yesterday. Well, it wasn't actually Jesus but it was somebody who loves him and has decided to be a witness for him. Car salespeople take a bad rap. Sometimes it's warranted and sometimes not. We met three salesperson yesterday. I appreciated each of them but then there was Joe.

Joe was calm and inviting. He didn't push his way into our world but drew us toward him with gentle care. We didn't really find out about his deep faith in God till we were out on a test drive. Joe is a part of the worship team at his church and has been serving the Lord for many years. The neat thing about Joe is that he doesn't delineate his faith life and secular life but sees all of his life in the same light. It's all God's!

The verse of the day spoke volumes to me and hopefully to you.

Joe's existence isn't wound up in selling cars, it's wound up in Jesus Christ and the assurance of faith. Joe's salesmanship than is enhanced from his foundation of faith. He serves Christ first and all the other things in Joe's life fall into line. Joe wasn't ashamed to share his faith story and at the end of the day was successful in selling us an automobile.

What do you do for a living? Are you retired, a student, a factory worker, a sales associate? If you aren't practicing it yet, try living from the center of Jesus Christ and apply your faith to every word and action in your work and see if your work and life don't become more meaningful and purpose filled. Who knows, maybe somebody will see Jesus where you work and it might just be you they are looking at!

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