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Two Kinds of Love

Unconditional love.

What does it look like and why is it in great need? Love without strings attached is talked of often but is rarely offered. Wonder why. This morning's verse of the day is unusual in that a precursor to the loving act is inserted into the thought.

Just so you aren't confused, the author, believed to be David, speaks of his great love of God. The two words in the English Standard Version that seem out of place are 'because' and 'therefore'. The casual reader would see David's great love based upon whether God will actually hear his cries for help and respond. This condition is human based and often gets us into trouble.

The unchanging nature of God is love (1 John 4:8). A sentence that can never be uttered would be, "God is unloving." God's love is always without conditions or prerequisites. Humanity, lost in sin, was rescued by this God who could have annihilated the human race but instead sent His only son.

How often do we interact with folks and carefully consider how love will manifest itself in the relationship. We offer love in conditional ways. If the person does this then I'll offer acceptance. If The person does something I disagree with then I'll withdraw my gift.

What would the world look like if we ever grasped the significance of God's unconditional love toward us? If we could understand God's right to pour out wrath on a sin-filled people was abated by Divine love, then our hearts would respond differently.

Today, rest in the knowledge that God loves you and has made it possible for you to have peace, hope, and joy. God has offered these without price to you or me. The bill for services was paid by Jesus hanging on a cross. That is the only condition that should be seen as necessary for humanity to offer love without strings.

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