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It's a gift. Take it.

Complimentary - that which is offered as a special gift.

We stayed in a hotel last night and were offer these vouchers for our breakfast this morning. We received tickets, gave tickets, and enjoyed something in return. I hope you and I never forget that our faith is offered to us by a complimentary God. We receive, we give thanks, and we enjoy something wonderful in return!

A complimentary God always has our best interest at heart. God always offers good gifts. God always wishes to bless us with Jesus Christ. And here is how it occurred.

When all things were just right (the fullness of time) God gave us Jesus, "The Gift!"

Today, know you have received faith through your trust in Jesus. God offers the very best (Jesus) for our very worst (our sin) and through this gift, we are forever changed and blest.

The worst possible outcome would have been if we left our hotel and left the vouchers unused! Who would ever reject free food?? Then again, who would ever reject eternal life??

Receive it. Give thanks. Enjoy!

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