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Thy will be done in the knots.

No more difficult thing in the world then to submit to an inconvenient event or another person out of a sense of faith. Sometimes, it feels as though we have no choice in the matter. It feels as though we are subject to the 'Law of Murphy' every day. Happens every time I sit down to untie my shoes. Often, when I'm in a hurry, the shoe strings will invariably get crossed and knot. Humph! Another few minutes are spent untangling the mess. I didn't need this interruption today! Now I know why some person invented velcro!

Usually, I simply needed to slow down and be fully in the moment and to be present for those who need me. Most days, inconveniences that hit me always arrive at the wrong time. It is in those times, depending on the size of the inconvenience, when I question the will of God. Maybe you have those seasons of struggle too. Take about 4 and a half minutes to watch the video by Hillary Scott and the Scott family.

(Hillary Scott & The Scott Family - Thy Will) - Of Lady Antebellum notoriety

The back story for Scott's song rests in the pain of losing a child to miscarriage. In the midst of her grief, she came to a place of surrender and acknowledged tragedies are not the end of the world but perhaps the beginning of something better from God's hand.

In this video, you saw her try to unknot the rope because as we all know, life is to be smooth and unfettered (*insert sarcasm here). Near the end of the video you saw her re-knotting the rope after realizing the knots were beneficial. This step is enormous in the life of a believer. It's one thing to acknowledge God's goodness when life is good. but essential when life goes sideways and hope seems lost.

Though difficult to see or even hope for, God is always working for our good (Romans 8:28). When our job is cut, when a child overdoses, when a spouse calls it quits, when an illness strikes with fury, when life inside us dies, only then can we truly appreciate God's great love for us and God's will "to do what's best".

To do what's God's supreme attribute. Our living in a broken world oftens runs us headlong into pain and suffering. In these raw violent situations, God's grace and mercy are like powerful cascades of warmth. When we can't make sense of our pain, God understands and is doing what's best for our broken spirit.

Hillary Scott, in an interview, mentioned the phrase, "Thy will be done". She noted that phrase in The Message paraphrase said, "to do what's best". Hmm, in the midst of pain and grief and when God seems non- existent, our doubts about God need to include the thought that something good is just beyond the horizon. That sounds a lot like faith.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1, NIV)

If you are in the dark valley of the shadow of death today, you need to know that God walks with you and is leading you to places of comfort and hope (Psalm 23:4). Take a few moments to review your life. Identify the knots that occurred when you least needed them. Thank God for allowing these inconvenient times of trial and seek to know how God will redeem these painful seasons. It is not a tragic event that steals hope from us. It is our resistance toward God's will and timing that work through

all things bad. Prepare your hearts to be held by God who understands our suffering and offers us help (Hebrews 4:15-16).

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