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When all the parts are working.

Phew! This time of year really kicks my backside. The drier air, colder temperatures, and a host of flu bugs floating around make for tough sledding. In the midst of all these things with which to deal, there are a few practices that really need to increase. I need to remember to wash my hands more regularly. I need to cough into my arm or cover my mouth. I need to keep my body core warm and avoid being around people that exhibit all the signs and symptoms of walking pneumonia. It is almost impossible to address every risk out there. I discovered another good practice a while back. I need to maintain a rigorous schedule for changing filters in our oil burners in our home. I just replaced them two days ago and already can feel a difference in my respiratory health. I can breath again!!

Knowing how to maintain our health is one thing. We can read all the latest medical journals, get advice from our doctor, and remember all the old home remedies. If we never employ any of the information we receive then nothing beneficial will occur. Sort of like the difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus. There is a difference between head knowledge (knowing about Jesus) and heart knowledge (knowing Jesus). The distance between the brain and the heart is roughly 15 inches in length but "knowing about" Jesus has to plummet into our hearts where we can "know Jesus" for any meaningful change to take place.

Along the way, something else needs to occur. We actually have to say what we are believing so that what we are believing can settle into our heart to begin the process of salvation. Confessing Christ is essential. And since our mouths are about halfway between our brain and our heart it is a natural thing to let our mouths express the change that is occurring inside us.

Paul, the apostle, realized the need for head knowledge to become heart belief and for each person to be bold in their conversion to speak the truth of Christ. I am certain we can learn form this Word of the day from Romans 10. I have bumped into a lot of "believers" in Jesus who do not exhibit a deep heart seated knowledge of Jesus. They do exhibit a rudimentary knowledge 'about' Jesus however. Therein lies the problem.

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder. (James 2:19, NIV)

For our life of faith to be grounded in a solid place of commitment, it has to be embedded with knowledge about Jesus mixed with a relationship with Jesus, and an unashamed presentation of Jesus.

The three vital pieces of our faith are:

Brain (mind)

Heart (soul)

Mouth (Witness)

Get them all working together and watch your faith become galvanized and strong.

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