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Does God care about math? Yes...

What is the biggest thing you have ever prayed for? How about the smallest?

Is it possible, we don't pray for many small things because we don't think God can be bothered with our narrow needs? Possibly.

Walking the halls of our Sunday school department can reveal a great roadmap of how we adults should be praying. In the quiet after hours, I wandered these halls and marveled at some of the artwork our kids in Living Orange Life (LOL) offered.

Kaylee doesn't think it inappropriate to ask God about her math skills. In fact, I imagine she is one of thousands or millions of youngsters who wonder about similar things.

** Will the bully on the bus leave me alone today?

** Can I kick the soccer ball and not fall down?

** Will the teacher call on me to answer a question?

** Will I get better at math?

Anytime we face uncertainty, our first action should include pausing, bowing, and sitting before our God in adoration and awe. If anything can be done in our dire situation it is by God's hand. If any learning is to come our way, it will be through God's work in our crisis. If any growth will be realized, it will be with God walking with us through the trial.

If our spiritual life and faith are to gain traction, it will be through the God who formed us, loves us, and cares enough to offer His one and only Son as the payment for our egregious sins. God redeems us! God pulls us out of the muck and mire and sets us upon a rock! God gives us a firm place to stand! Surely the same God cares when we stub our toe or fail miserably at math.

Back to the original question, what do you pray for? On this snowy last day of January, it is a question worth considering.

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