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Wherever we are, be all there.

I continue to marvel over new cars that alert a driver of lane drift, blind spot obstacles, they park themselves and even brake when the driver fails to do so. While I celebrate technological advances in auto safety, I wonder if all these driver assists are creating less attentive drivers. Driving a 3500 pound vehicle on a highway with other motorists requires undivided attention and exceptional reflexes. When a vehicle pays attention to things drivers should be watching, then what is a driver to do? It seems to indicate a driver would disengage their brain from attending to important aspects of driving. Maybe I'm overreacting.

Whether driving or attending to our relationship with God, inattentiveness isn't a good thing. Jesus was asked what was the most important commandment. The inquiring expert wanted to know what would create the closest relationship between a person and God. Jesus made it clear. For emphasis, Jesus used the word 'all' three times. Note he did not use the phrase 'a little of' in any of those three areas.

I can only imagine how I would feel if I had a best friend who chose to not speak to me, meet with me, or pay attention to me. I wouldn't think much of the relationship. Yet, we treat God like a self driving car. We shortchange God and place other things ahead of the one relationship with eternal promises. In the best sense, God is a self driving car. God alerts us when we stray, when we miss potential blindspot obstacles, and when we fail to stop to avoid an accident. It becomes convenient for us to take our relationship for granted and get sidetracked by a multitude of distractions. What are some things you can name that gain your attention more than attending to God? For me it is:

1. Internet usage.

2. Occasional laziness

3. Wanting to do my own thing

4. Busyness in church work

5. ______________________

Moving forward, I don't want to shortchange the creator, lover, and redeemer of my soul. I want to give God my all. I want to rest in the shadow of the Almighty and pay close attention to God's still small voice. If I am paying close attention to God with my 'all' then the distracting things of this world won't lead me astray, sneak up on my blind side or cause me to crash into stuff.

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