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Lord, thanks for 6 communion cups.

First thoughts that go through your mind when the 'low fuel' light flashes on your dashboard? And go!

Our responses vary from "Oh no!" to "Um, okay." and all thoughts in between. In most cases there is a certain amount of fuel still sloshing around the tank and we generally have a grace period before the engine sputters to a dead stop. In any case, there is a certain amount of angst that springs up in our thoughts. Ideally, we never allow the tank to get this empty for several reasons.

1. The high pressure fuel pump stays a bit cooler in a fuller tank. Empty fuel tanks don't allow the heat generated by the pump to dissipate and could eventually lead to pump failure (Over extended episodes of low fuel levels).

2. If we have 25-30 miles of travel left when the light flashes on and we are 50 miles to the nearest station then we're in trouble. What is the number for AAA?

3. In winter driving, a low fuel tank with lots of air space can accumulate internal moisture and cause fuel line freezing.

Yesterday, I took communion to some folks. In my mind, I figured on four folks at the home visit. I didn't check my communion cup supply. I figured I should have that many. Upon arrival, I noted an extra car in the driveway. I still felt a sense of calm that I had whatever I needed for this visit. Upon entering the house and seeing 6 people including myself, doubt began to rise in the back of my mind. I definitely had enough bread cubes, but my cup supply was not a certainty. (Not like we couldn't use a water glass if I was in short supply)

We visited and talked. We shared stories and enjoyed friendship and God's presence. Then came the moment of truth. I reached into the bag and pulled out the communion cup container to reveal exactly 6 cups; no more and no less. God provided even in my moments of poor planning or no planning.

Countless times in my life I have been in situations that could have gone in two different directions. Either failure was going to occur because I failed to plan or I would realize success due to God's provision of my needs. Blind faith that everything will work out is not the best way to journey through life, but trusting in God to work things out is. Even when I have failed to plan, God has stepped in to show off divine power and demonstrate His glory in spite of me. Yesterday was one of those moments. Thanks be to God who goes ahead of us, preparing the way, and working where we fail.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28, NIV)

I appreciate the picture of God working in the good and bad moments of Randy's life in order to bring about a spiritually stronger, deeper faithful, and more confident Randy. I simply need to trust. Have you experienced God's presence and provision in times of need? Have you journeyed somewhere with angst, only to discover God worked out those details of angst? If your answers are yes and yes, praise God! If not, then pause to consider God's call to your soul and your response to follow His leading. Consider how God will provide your unmet needs today and then thank God when all things work out for your good. Glorify and thank God for showing up in your failures.

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