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Unchanging Nature.

Every evening, I connect my pedometer to the computer, upload my steps for the day onto the Virgin Healthmiles website, and register my daily actions. One question that is asked of me is this:

"Did you reduce decision fatigue by sticking to routines for basic needs?"

The program sponsored by our health insurance company strives to keep us active and healthy. One area of health and wellness is in having daily routines that keep us focused. At first glance, doing the same thing every day sounds like drudgery, but in our health program the notion of having routine in our schedules is a good thing. Reducing decision fatigue.....Hmmmmmm, I never thought much about thought fatigue or the tiring procedure to make decisions and choices. Staying on track with a daily regimen then must reduce stress and keep my mind and consequently, my body, more healthy. Thanks insurance company for wanting me to be as healthy as I can be!!

King David must have sensed the same kind of composed assurance. Knowing that God was always going to be active in all situations gave David great peace and enduring hope. He didn't have to swirl in despair about the lack of God's presence or provision. God was/is rock solid and one to depend upon. David did not have to deal with decision fatigue wondering whether God was with him or not. He knew it!

Certainly, we don't have kings chasing us and cannot count many enemies seeking to destroy us like King David. Still though, we have enough issues that threaten to derail and waylay us. Can we see the unchanging nature of God in our life? Sure hope we can all say yes on this one.

God's way is perfect.

The Lord's word is flawless.

When we take refuge in God, there is a shield to cover us.

Today and every day, pause to consider these godly natures and God's unchanging devotion to you and me. See if this routine doesn't reduce our stress.

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