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Gentle and riding on a donkey.

"What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?"

We're about to find out.

Today is Palm and Passion Sunday. It is the day we witness Jesus entering Jerusalem as the King.

Jesus had resolved to go to Jerusalem and face whatever it was that God's will was calling him to fulfill.

Nothing could stop Jesus. His disciples suggested he not go back to the city (Matthew 16:21-22). Peter even stepped between Jesus and the city and rebuked him. The force (Jesus) spoke to Peter and moved him aside.

The immovable object (or at least it thinks it's immovable) is the curse of sin and the sting of death. These two nemesis of humanity have been following us around, stealing hope, and crushing joy since that dreadful moment in the Garden of Eden. How God's heart must have hurt when humanity chose to do its own thing and desire that which was not ours to desire. Sin and ensuing death from it are always concealed underneath deception. Satan is a deceiver and liar and wants us dead. Jesus loves us and wants us fully alive! There is going to be a huge showdown.

Now Jesus was riding into the city amidst shouts of Hosanna (interpreted Save) and people struggling in the oppressive reign of the Roman Empire were looking for hope to return. In Jesus, they believed him to be the one and riding on a donkey spoke to the people of a king. It was thought that kings riding donkeys were bringing peace or were serving during peaceful times. Some of the folks shouting "Hosanna" may have had Jesus pegged as the revolutionary to come and overthrow Rome. Rome was not the immovable force. The Jewish religious leaders were not either.

The first day of Holy week (Palm Sunday) will come and go and the rest of the week will find Jesus steadily moving toward fulfilling God's will. I'm thankful that Jesus stayed the course and smashed through the supposed immovable force. He is the only unstoppable force that could remove your sin and mine. Jesus has a one track mind. His love for you and me is so fierce and determined that nothing will get in the way or deter him from fulfilling all that God the Father has deemed necessary. The necessary part of God's plan is that sin and death are overcome and we can enjoy blissful eternal grace. Stay tuned to see how a peaceful king riding a donkey will overthrow oppressive empires and defeat what once was thought immovable.

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