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What is next?

*Scratching and squeaking emanating from the pantry

*Foggy roads after dusk

*Roads covered with black ice

*Futures that are uncertain

*Unknown illnesses with no diagnoses

These are just a few things that set my heart to race a bit faster and my mind to overthink. What will happen in the fog, on the ice, in the future, to my body, and tomorrow? So many questions and too few answers to suit me. Maybe you worry about such things; maybe you don't. Scriptures are fairly clear and God has said many times, "Do not worry." I guess if God has said it, I should listen. Many times I do not. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then what have any of us to fear? Revisit my list of fear growing things above^^.

Principles of trust and faith always right the course of wayward varmints in the pantry, cars on icy roads, drivers in foggy places, and those facing terminal illnesses. Where you and I tend to run into trouble is when we begin to rest on our human strengths (or weaknesses) to diagnose a situation. Well, if I ignore the scratching in the basement, maybe it will stop. If I oversteer on the ice, it will all work out. Fog? What fog? ignoring the obvious isn't good.

I am currently going through a great deal of uncertainty (maybe anxiety). The future isn't as clear as I would hope for and there are many extenuating conditions that are causing angst. What do I do and how will I reduce this condition? I should probably stop thinking I can exact any meaningful change to my skewed future and trust that God is working unknown (maybe invisible) details for my good. It does seem counterintuitive to think God is waiting at just the opportune time to come and wreck me. God has plans to prosper me. You too!

When it sounds like vermin are eating everything in your pantry, when the headlights are barely illuminating 5 feet in front of your car, when the vehicle is sliding out of control, and when the doctor tells you the disease you have contains 27 letters, it is okay to momentarily freak out, then breath deeply and embrace God. This is sort of where I am right now. It isn't the best place for me to be but for now it is the only place I can see. I long for the days when my job consisted of pushing tons of dirt with a machine capable of 1000+ horsepower. I long for the days when lines of definition between black and white allowed me to know where the edges were. I long for times of work that produced measurable results and meaningful outcomes.

Today, I'm resting, trusting, listening, and steering (with God's constant hand on the wheel) toward a new chapter of faith and trust. Would you like to walk with me? Perhaps you are worse off than I and would appreciate me walking alongside you. Hit me up and let's talk. The future doesn't have to be a frightening place filled with unknowns. Especially if we believe God is already there in the future. Walking with others in the same boat of uncertainty does bring more strength and some comfort. Let's go!

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