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For the Want of 'Something'.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Luke 25:40, NIV)

I need 'something'.

You need 'something'.

There is 'something' on the table.

You and I look at each other with suspicion and race to the table.

How will you and I both get the 'something' on the table and be satisfied?

The current state of the world is wound around the pursuit of getting the 'somethings' we need to survive what many are saying is a catastrophic event. So, with fear being our guide, we set out to get the 'somethings' that we believe will sustain us for X amount of time. We race to the store and bulk buy everything that seems essential. Each of us have our own ideas about what would be vital for our own survival in these trying times. Therein lies the main issue that disables our survival. We think deeply about our own needs and are missing the heart of God.

If God is our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, and Lord, then why would we depend on 'somethings' to do all the things that God already does for us? In fact, the New Testament scriptures are fairly clear in directing us to be less worried about our own existence and more focused on God and the health and welfare of others.

I would even proffer the notion that eternal ramifications are directly tied to our pursuit of 'somethings' versus how we care for another human. There is an account of how it will look and sound when Christ returns. All of humanity will come before the judgment seat of Christ and there will be a separation of sheep and goats.

I have never spent much time around either of these creatures. I know they both browse. I have heard those who own goats mentioned the goat's proclivity to eat almost anything. I guess I could equate the goats mentioned in Matthew 25 to those who rush to stores to bulk buy the 'somethings' in order to survive the current state of emergency.

My meager understanding of sheep is based upon their less harried approach to life. They tend to rely on the Shepherd for their 'somethings'.

If we can be anything during this pandemic, then be sheep who look toward the Shepherd for our needs. Let's be sheep who trust the Shepherd to lead us to streams of living water and green pastures. Let's be the sheep who have a lot of 'somethings' that we are willing to share with those who have no or little 'somethings'.

The scripture here in Matthew 25:40 reminds us that Jesus has paid the debt for our sin and out of his work we are commanded to love our neighbors. If we understand this simple principle, then eternal rewards are ours to claim and celebrate. If we misunderstand this simple principle, then our eternal rewards are hanging in the balance and just out of our reach.

Let it be so today that all the 'somethings' we think we need to stockpile are not really things but other people who have a need for love and care. Let's offer acts of mercy and care for the elderly person living next door, the single parent who has hunger knocking on their door, or the person who made it to the store too late to get basic 'somethings' for their existence.

"A Musing Pastor"

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