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July 22, 2015

      It may seem trivial to some, but when I see garbage floating down a sidewalk or street I feel a need to gather it and dispose of it.  Some would say, "There are medications for that Randy." I like to think of ownership over consumerism. I have been placed here to reflect a creative, loving, and just God. 

God cares for His creation and He has (en)trusted me to care for my part of the world.  

    Last night was my first trustee meeting at our new church. We talked about caring for the building and grounds. Normal trustee business, right? The responsibility to care for something that really isn't ours to begin with is the crux of this work. Along the same lines comes the thought for today. Psalm 24:1-2 describes God's creation and His ownership of the same.  While God is creator, he implores us to care for what is all around us. Those things might be buildings and grounds, they might be environmental issues, or those things might be people.

    Our town is worth caring for and I want to live as a caretaker of it. I own responsibility.  Consider your tasks today might be caring for your personal health, the health of your apartment or home, or the welfare of another person. In attending to the care of things, you and I will have done something godly.

     (Photo from Crowder's Mountain, NC) -- [RSH]



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