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When God says, "Watch this."

March 30, 2017

    With each new day comes a certain amount of toil and trouble. With each new day there also comes joy and celebration. It depends on the day which one we see more of and which one seems to disappear.  I have experienced too many times when I was at wit's end and ready to throw in the towel. At just the right time, God showed up and showed off divine power and goodness.  A disclaimer inserted here might read something like, "God also sometimes displays beauty and majesty not because we need it but because God can."

    Last night, we finished with Bible study and proceeded out onto the sidewalk. We chatted about the study, the upcoming rally, and other points of interest when I looked west over top of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church and saw this...

My friend and I simply stopped and admired this artwork.  In an instant I automatically grasped my camera and snapped a few shots. The actual environment was much darker than the picture portrays. The stained glass window at Sacred Heart, a thumbnail of the moon, ambient light, cirrus clouds, and the calm of the evening all silently screamed, "Look at this!"  Our God is amazing, unchanging, creative, ornate, mysterious, ineffable, intimate, and every other descriptor that one can think. Why?

    Why is the sky so blue, the clouds so wispy, the moon so perfect, the dusk so enveloping, and the shadows so inviting?  Why are we able to see different colors and textures? Why isn't creation just monochrome, single dimensioned, and drab? All questions to be answered by someone smarter than I to be sure. I will remain focused upon the simple approach that God cares about our senses. God cares about aesthetics and wants us to enjoy creation. God loves us enough to be amazing, unchanging, creative, ornate, mysterious, ineffable, intimate, and every other descriptor that one can think.  I for one am glad that God desires to help us see His character and divine nature. 

    Today, carefully consider your toil and trouble, identify your joy and celebration and see if you don't recognize a creative God weaving together beauty that could only come from a God who loves and cares about us.  It is as though God is saying, "Watch This!"

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