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Senior High Youth Leader

Crystal Ferencz is an

independent contractor for

her Massage and Bodywork

practice, she runs her

business out of Klingensmith

Massage where she devotes

her time and effort making

sure she gives her clients

the best genuine individual

treatment and care to

achieve the best results.

Crystal also helps with the

First United Methodist

Church Youth program where she dedicates her

time love and energy to be a positive, loving, faithful, trustworthy role model guiding the youth towards a relationship with Jesus.

Crystal attended Lewistown Area High School and graduated in 1998 and attended South Hills Business School in 2003 where she received an associates degree in Human Development, which she used a Teachers Aid for a few years, helping with special education, grading homework, some teaching etc….

Crystal worked in Chiropractic care for years out of school and decided she wanted to be more of a part of the wellness end of things so decided to further her education and go to school for Massage therapy she was led with the gift of healing and touch and has been using her gifts as a Licensed Massage Therapist ever since.

Crystal is very passionate about her career as well as leading the youth group.

Crystal has been married for seven years, they have three daughters ages 16,14 and 9.

They live in Maitland area of Lewistown

Crystal is looking forward to working with the youth, teaching them lessons of Christ, as well as lessons of life.

Organist - Lauri Dulis

Organist -  Fred Benner

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